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Well, this has been a busy few months for ‘Potcake Place’ here in Turks and Caicos.

‘Potcake Place’ is a non profit organization, (located in Saltmills Plaza, Grace Bay, Providenciales) which adopts out – on average – 400 puppies a year, to approved homes mainly in The Turks and Caicos Islands, The USA and Canada. 100% of all dogs taken into their care are adopted out, and these fluffy adorable puppies are kept and cared for until they are fully adopted – however long the process may take!

As of the end of February, Potcake Place had 46 little puppies in their care with many many other litters of puppies waiting to come in from all over the island. Puppies are not allowed to go up for adoption until they have had all of their appropriate shots and worm medication, as a result Potcake Place urgently needs foster homes on island to help to take care of the puppies until they are completely ready for adoption. The more foster homes available, the more puppies can be saved and this means many hundreds less being born on the streets.

Volunteers are needed to help carry puppies back to awaiting homes in The United States and Canada. Potcake Place also urges the public, if they want to help, that they really appreciate donated items such as puppy ‘Pee Pee Pads’, puppy toys, airline approved pet transport bags, puppy formula and small puppy collars along with donations for dog food and vet bills; every donation (no matter how tiny) helps immensely.

Potcake Place would like to remind people also about the ‘puppy socialization walks’ which people can do Monday through to Saturday at 10am; the puppies love it! Tourists very much enjoy doing this; it’s very popular!

Potcake Place is an amazing organization; please take a look at their website:, and see if you can offer a helping hand.

Mary Jimenez, Global Luxury Sales Executive, Coldwell Banker Turks & Caicos.