Dellis Cay

Dellis Cay is a 560 acre island located in the string of cays between Providenciales and North Caicos. A narrow channel separates the island from Parrot and Fort George Cay.  Dellis Cay is currently uninhabited, and does not have any completed hotels or homes.

This tiny island was named after the Greek expert skin-diver, John Dellis.  He moved to the TCI with his family to begin the sponging industry in the country.  The trade thrived until the late 19th century.  Initially, the sponges were harvested directly from the reefs surrounding the Caicos Islands, dried and exported.  Sadly, they were overfished and became depleted within decades.

Dellis Cay is now a popular day-trip (20 minutes by boat from Provo) for avid shell collectors and beach lovers.  A beautiful white sandy beach wraps around the northwestern point.  It’s considered one of the best spots in the Turks & Caicos for rare and beautiful shells.

In mid-2007 The Luxury Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay Project began construction but as of today the development stands unfinished.  There are several incomplete beachfront homes and villas that line the north and western side of Dellis Cay.

Recent sales of property on Dellis Cay have completed – feel free to ask us about current listings or ownership opportunities.