North Caicos

The “Garden Island” of North Caicos can be reached easily by boat from Providenciales, and also has a small airstrip welcoming inter-island flights.  A trip to North Caicos is a perfect one day excursion for those looking for adventure.

Made up of the four settlements of Whitby, Bottle Creek, Kew and Sandy Point, it is a slow-paced and idyll lifestyle for the 800 or so residents.

Characterized by lush flora, the island boasts unique native fruits such as the sugar apples, guineps and sapodillas. Enjoying the highest rainfall of all the islands in the Turks and Caicos, on North Caicos you can explore freshwater ponds, plantation ruins, inter-tidal wetlands or observe the spectacular flamingo populations.

The island measures 45 square miles and features secluded beaches and a rugged shoreline along the northern coast.  Overgrown ruins of the cotton and sisal plantations exist today.  The most interesting plantation site is Wade’s Plantation.  The site is managed by the Turks & Caicos National Trust and tours are available to the public.  Many buildings are still intact – The Great House, kitchen, overseer’s house and several quarters and storage buildings.

Upscale developments, with paved roads and underground utilities are found in Sandy Point, Pumpkin Bluff and Seaside Estates.

The North Caicos Yacht Club is the development where those traveling by boat arrive.  The Vacation Rental market is alive and well with many beach and in-land homes available for short term rent.