South Caicos

South Caicos, or as we call it, The Big South.  Latitude N 21 ° 30′, Longitude W 71 ° 30′.

Although South Caicos is the smallest in the archipelago at 8.5-square miles, it is the commercial fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands and enjoys the best natural harbor and has several commercial fishing plants.  The island processes most of the nation’s seafood harvest of lobster, conch and fish for export and local consumption.

While once the greatest salt producing island and original center of commerce, it is home now to approximately 1,000 residents and the Big South Regatta held each year in the month of May.

A natural remnant of the salt-raking industry is the Boiling Hole, a subterranean sea passage once utilized to flood the inland Salinas.  Visitors to the island enjoy fishing, birdlife, fresh seafood dishes and diving.

The tiny town of Cockburn Harbor was once the most active commercial community in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was named in 1840 after an official visit by the then Governor of the Bahamas – Sir Francis Cockburn. The island has hosted royalty and rogues throughout its rich history. Historical features of the island include the 18th century Commissioner’s House where Queen Elizabeth stayed during her visit to South during her visit in 1966.

It is the ideal location for whale watching during their winter migration and is truly an underwater photographers dream. It’s no surprise that South Caicos is home to the marine research arm of the renowned School for Field Studies, which currently occupies the old Admiral’s Arms hotel building.

Tourists visit the island to enjoy the recently completed Sailrock and East Bay Resorts, each set on picture-perfect white sandy beaches.

Dotted with historical buildings, narrow roads and interesting hand-laid limestone walls, the relaxed lifestyle in The Big South is evidenced by the free roaming donkeys taking right of way over other forms of transportation.

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