The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of 40 islands and cays, eight of which are inhabited. The islands are located 575 miles southeast of Miami Florida, just below the Bahamas.

The islands are home to approximately 40,000 full time residents, and welcome more than 1.7 Million tourists annually.


The average temperature ranges between 85 and 95 degrees from June to October, sometimes reaching the high 90’s, especially in the late summer and early fall months.  From November to May the average temperature is 78 to 85 degrees.

Water temperature in the summer is 82 to 84 degrees and in winter about 74 to 78 degrees. A constant trade wind keeps the climate at a very comfortable level.

In an average year the Turks and Caicos Islands enjoy 350 days of sunshine.

Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time Zone.  Daylight Savings Time is observed from April to October.


The US dollar is the official currency of Turks and Caicos.  Credit cards are widely accepted throughout the islands and ATM’s are located at various banks, supermarkets and other locations.


The economy of the TCI relies on the tourism industry, real estate development and the exportation of seafood. A wide variety of financial services are available, including company formation, offshore insurance, banking, trusts, limited partnerships and limited life companies. The Financial Services Commission regulates, develops and promotes the industry in major world markets.


The Turks & Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory. A Governor is appointed by the King and presides over an Executive Council formed by an elected local self-government. Government offices are located in Providenciales and Grand Turk with branches on other islands. The legal system is based on English Common Law.

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